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It takes guts to transfer a lone nut into a leader!

Help a loner to start a movement!

It is hard work and a lot of time to build something new, unusual. Yes, we consider new and unusual because of what we are trying to achieve: to build a platform for the collector community, similar to your Etrade or Schwab portfolio management platform, where you can monitor the performance of your stamps or coins collection, by using different measurement tools to assist with the “colfolio” evaluations.



This is what inspires us! Being a leader, or in our case the “shirtless dancer”, the developer of a new collectibles management platform, is the first step, but not the trigger of a movement. Indeed it is essential, but not as much as the first followers who are the ones bringing a whole crowd together. We need your help in guiding us through the development and testing of our site so we can achieve our goal: help the collecting community to value their collection and ultimately value their collection real time. Have the courage to follow, join our lone dance and register today! Be part of the in-crowd: upload your collection, send us your feedback, criticize or encourage!

With your help we may be able to change the “portfolio” description of a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds and cash equivalents to include stamps, coins, banknotes and other collectibles.

Testers wanted: ColFolio is Now Online!

ColFolio is a the platform developed for collectors to facilitate the management of stamps, coins, banknotes, token and other collections. It is now released for testing and we’re asking for feedback!

Before you get started, there are a few things you should know:

What is ColFolio? – is a comprehensive, user driven coins, banknotes, stamps, token and other collectibles inventory management system and a new way to identify, catalog, manage and (still under development) appraise your collection at current market value.

This is a REAL beta – This means that you will be using a version of ColFolio that is not yet ready for public release. You should be prepared to find things which don’t work perfectly so please give us feedback on how to make ColFolio better. You can give us feedback by sending email to ColFolio @ . The more feedback you give us, the better!

We’re small but growing – Right now our database is small, around 8,000 items. That means that sometimes you might not find what you are looking for. If that happens, please help us developing the database by adding your collection to ColFolio. You will notice that we have several tools to facilitate this: ex. clone existing items. Our goal is to have as many items in our database as possible and we thank you in advance for helping to build ColFolio.

We’re getting smarter – Our platform will get smarter and better over time. Right now it is like babies, but will grow up fast as more and more people use ColFolio. We will be updating our platform and content with new material daily.

We like criticism – As a new site, we’re sure you can find lots to criticize – remember, though, we’d prefer constructive criticism, so we can make the site better. And please send your criticism to us at ColFolio @ before you post it on your blog! Remember the old saying before posting: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

Share the love – Although is in BETA release, it is not really publicly launched yet and we are still working on the development, we’re no longer keeping the details under wraps — and you’re welcome to invite your fellow collectors.

Thanks for trying ColFolio. Please let us know what you think!

The ColFolio Team