It takes guts to transfer a lone nut into a leader!

Help a loner to start a movement!

It is hard work and a lot of time to build something new, unusual. Yes, we consider new and unusual because of what we are trying to achieve: to build a platform for the collector community, similar to your Etrade or Schwab portfolio management platform, where you can monitor the performance of your stamps or coins collection, by using different measurement tools to assist with the “colfolio” evaluations.



This is what inspires us! Being a leader, or in our case the “shirtless dancer”, the developer of a new collectibles management platform, is the first step, but not the trigger of a movement. Indeed it is essential, but not as much as the first followers who are the ones bringing a whole crowd together. We need your help in guiding us through the development and testing of our site so we can achieve our goal: help the collecting community to value their collection and ultimately value their collection real time. Have the courage to follow, join our lone dance and register today! Be part of the in-crowd: upload your collection, send us your feedback, criticize or encourage!

With your help we may be able to change the “portfolio” description of a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds and cash equivalents to include stamps, coins, banknotes and other collectibles.

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